Carmen the Nurse, circa 1959

Carmen the Nurse?

Carmen at the
Minnesota State Fair
Carmen and Snoopy

Carmen, Cousin Larry, & a lion
Carmen the Nurse, circa 1970
Carmen, a chimp, & Cousin Larry
Carmen's Christmas Cheer
Carmen on the phone 
Carmen and games and toys!
Carmen & Klomp-It!
Carmen the Nurse, circa 1975
Mary Davies promo flyer, 1960 

 Mary Davies played Carmen the Nurse on WCCO-TV Channel 4 from October 1954 to March 1977, a total of twenty-two and a half years. Carmen was probably the longest-running children's television character in the Twin Cities, although she only appeared on Axel and His Dog sporadically for the first eight years or so. She was initially recruited as a substitute host for the show when Clellan Card was taken ill suddenly in 1954. She became the regular co-host of the show around the spring of 1963, after Don Stolz (who played Towser the dog and Tallulah the cat) left the program. After Clellan Card died on April 13, 1966, the name of the show was initially changed to "The Treehouse" with Carmen as the sole host. Within a few years, the show was renamed "Carmen's Cottage" or simply known as "Carmen."

Axel's Treehouse


Carmen the Nurse

Lunch with Casey
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